Congratulations state winners!

 Austin Lienemann (4th place, 300m hurdles), Emily Wolff (6th place, 3200m run),

Bre Jones, Amelia Cavazos, Sarah Slack, Julia Hall (4th place, 800m sprint medley relay)


King Soopers Cards - Available NOW!

Posted Mon Feb 3rd, 2014 2:37:PM

King Soopers Reloadable Gift Cards The Arapahoe High School Track & Field Booster Club announces the King Soopers reloadable gift card fundraising program for our team. Purchasing re-loadable cards is an easy way to earn money to help reduce your athletes AHS Track & Field expenses. Each $100 loaded on to the card results in a $5 donation from King Soopers to the booster club. Funds received from the money spent on these re-loadable cards will be deposited in YOUR runner’s name to offset booster club obligations. An athlete may have multiple cards tied to his account so enlist relatives, friends and neighbors to participate for your runner. How this program works for you and the AHS Track & Field booster program: 1. Purchase your $5.00 King Soopers Card from Becky Jones – 303-263-5332 ( You will have the opportunity to purchase a card at booster club meetings, spring running events and or give us a call. Remember this card is worth $5.00 to start. 2. Take your King Soopers re-loadable card to any King Soopers to make your purchases. 3. You can reload your King Soopers card (in any amount up to $500 at a time) right at the register in any store or at the customer service desk! Each card is directly associated to your athlete and the AHS Track & Field team. 4. When you reload your King Soopers card – it MUST be in a different transaction than purchasing your groceries. There is a five-minute delay between when you reload your card and when funds are available. 5. Any merchandise in King Soopers Store can be purchased with your King Soopers reloadable card including GASOLINE, with the exception of services (money orders, Western Union, lottery tickets, stamps, Tickets West, and other gift cards are considered services). Please also remember DO NOT throw your card away. Cards must be purchased through the booster...[MORE]

Arapahoe Track and Field Records

Posted Sun Jan 12th, 2014 2:01:PM

  GIRLS         BOYS   Year Names T/D/H Event T/D/H Names Year               1986 Marie Midgley 12.5 100m Dash 10.54 Reger Craigo 2008               2012 Taryn Phipps Joy Dafoe 25.60 200m Dash 21.38 Reger Craigo 2008               2011 Taryn Phipps 55.24 400m Dash 48.36 Lance Loken 2012               2012 Devan Foster 2:10.50 800m Run 1:52.56 Connor Winter 2010               2012 Devan Foster 4:59.68 1600m Run 4:11.50 Connor Winter 2011               2002 Jasmine Oeinck 11:11.97 3200m Run 9:09.04 Connor Winter 2011               2011 Stephanie Gerber 14.34 100m / 110m High Hurdles 14.08 Jeff Mullen 1979               2011 Stephanie Gerber 43.56 300m Low / Int Hurdles 38.67 Alex Jordan 2011               2011 P. Duhamel, J. Dafoe,  S. Gerber,T. Phipps 1:47.46 800m Medley Relay                     2011 P. Duhamel, J. Dafoe,  S. Gerber,T. Phipps 48.41 400m Relay (4x100) 42.50 J. Allen, N. Carrethers, N. Savage, L. Loken 2010               2011 P. Duhamel, J. Dafoe,  S. Gerber,T. Phipps 1:42.85 800m Relay (4x200) 1:28.31 N. Forest, J. Sabey,   N. Carrethers, R. Craigo 2008               2011 T. Phipps, J. Dafoe,     S. Gerber, P. Duhamel 3:51.75 1600m Relay (4x400) 3:17.45 J. Van De Weghe, T. Feldt, L. Loken, N. Savage 2011               2012 L. Lipski, E. Petersen,  J. Seitz, D. Foster 9:19.38 3200m Relay (4x800) 7:57.68 C. Winter, M. Winfrey, J. Kearns, K. Lyons 2009               2006 Chelsea Chen 17' 11.5" Long Jump 22' 11" Reggie Cooper 1982               2011 Stephanie Gerber 38'9" Triple Jump 46' 7.5" Jason Smith 2004               1991 2012 2012 Kathy  Wylie Taryn Phipps Melissa Barella 5' 4" High Jump 6' 8" Jeff Mullen 1977               2006 Michelle Ripple 12'0" Pole Vault 14' 10" Josh Holland 2012               2007 Denise Mattoon 41' 5.5" Shot Put 59' 1.5" Bob Simpson 1972               1983 Christina Campaga 126' 6" Discus 183' 8.5" Art Burns 1972                       Boys 5A State Champions   2008                 2011 Girls 5A State   Runner-up     Boys 5A State   Runner-up   2011                2013 Girls 5A State   Runner-up